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Crafting tiles

Handmade custom tiles

Our company is a supplier of traditional hand crafted Delft Tiles. We are a dynamic company with a zeal for traditional materials that attract attention because of their unique characteristics and appeal. This allows us to meet the increasing demand for distinctive materials that can be processed in a modern or traditional way.

Our goal is to offer a balanced product range that is compatible as for atmosphere and style and meets the highest quality standards.

optional - pin holes / nail holes / indentations

2 little nails underneath the mould/template prevent the moist clay from slipping while the tile is being cut into shape.

origin & crackle glaze (grazing)

2 little pin holes in the surface of the tile unglazed tile. These nail holes are nearly always visible as indentations in the surface of the glaze. If you look at old tiles you will see them. You could consider it as features of authenticity.

Another option would be the additional – crackle glaze (crazing) – which can also be seen on the photo.

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