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Dutch pottery producers in the small Dutch city of Delft began making tiles in the early 1600’s. Their “Delft tiles” (also known as Delft Blue tiles or delftware) were characterized by hand painted blue designs on a hand crafted white tile base. This style, which often depicts children playing, animals, flowers, farm workers, ships and other scenes of everyday Dutch life, was created to imitate the more desirable, and expensive, blue and white porcelain imported from China.

At first, the Dutch used Delft tiles to protect wooden structures such as chimneypieces and stoves. It was only later that they become popular as decoration. In fact, Dutch kitchens, hallways and stairs often featured works by old masters from the Golden Age such as Johannes Vermeer, Willem Kalf and Pieter de Hooch. You can see fine examples of Delft tiles and tile murals at The Dutch Tile Museum, as well as The Rijksmuseum, which features a collection of approximately 20,000 tiles, special Delft earthenware and paintings of interiors featuring Delft tiles.

Delft Blue Tile Murals & Tableaux—Hand Crafted, Hand Painted Works of Art

The quantity of hand crafted and hand painted Delft tiles produced during the Golden Age was enormous. Historians estimate the number to be in the neighborhood of 800 million. In fact, there are still many houses across Europe featuring Delft tiles developed during this period. Many of these tiles were made to order as single wall tiles, but also as large murals or tableaux. Examples of these grand Dutch masterpieces can be viewed at the National Azulejo Museum of Lisbon, Portugal. Another great example is the massive Delft tile mural in the Cuyperspassage tunnel in Amsterdam.

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of hand crafted and hand painted Delft tiles assembled in the expansive format of a mural. Of course, the large-scale murals you’ll find in museums aren’t always suitable for home décor. But even in smaller applications, murals and tableaux featuring Delft tiles are stunning as a design feature, enlivening home interiors.

Bring Home the Beauty of Delft Blue Tile Murals & Tableaux

The good news is, Delft tile murals are much more accessible today for homeowners. With a decrease in material and reproduction costs, decorating your humble abode with a Delft tile tableau doesn’t have to take a big slice out of your interior decoration budget.

Think about a single Delft tile that you find captivating. Take, for example, a beautiful 17th-century ship. Now, imagine expanding that tile into a larger, more vibrant seascape scene. A single hand crafted and hand painted tile may be somewhat of a limited canvas. But a mural allows you to bring to life a more grand scene such as a view of your favorite ship from the beach, with seabirds flying in a moody Dutch sky, with other ships on the horizon. Murals can come together similar to the way an interior decorator finds inspiration in a simple element and designs the theme of a space around it. There is no limit to the imagery that can be created on a tile mural—let the tiles be your canvas!

Delft Tiles—Your Single Source For Certified, Hand Painted Delft Blue Tile Murals & Tableaux. And custom building ceramics.

Get started today in creating your very own Delft tile mural. You can order custom murals and tableaux containing hand crafted and hand painted Delft Blue tiles directly from Delft Tiles. In addition to Delft Tile Murals and Tableaux, our includes Classic Field Tiles, Floral Tiles, Fireplace Tiles, Antique Tiles, Nautical Tiles and much more. And because we are world-class Delft tile experts, we provide you with exceptional consultation service—to help you find the perfect tile solution for your needs.

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