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One of the most popular subjects to appear on Delft tiles is the breathtaking landscape scenery that Dutch painters created during the “Golden Age,” essentially spanning the era from 1581 to 1672.

During this time, Netherlanders lived through one of its economic and cultural heydays. As art was booming and communities were growing, citizens felt a great sense of national pride, and a passion for imagery of the Dutch countryside took hold. This gave rise to the development of Dutch landscape painting. It was only a matter of time that the marriage of beautiful landscape scenes and hand crafted and hand painted Delft earthenware would be consummated.

Distinctively Dutch Landscapes

One of the many qualities that sets Dutch landscape paintings apart from those of other nations is the amount of space devoted to fresh, open air and the sun glowing through the ever-present clouds. With a strong emphasis on atmosphere, Dutch landscape art is at times referred to as “sky-scapes.” Meindert Hobbema’s A Wooded Landscape
provides a striking example.

To become more competitive in the open market, a number of Dutch artists specialized in depicting particular landscape subject areas. Similar to the way today’s companies create a “brand,” this helped establish a painter’s reputation. Artists who chose to define their careers so narrowly are classified as “Dutch minor masters” to distinguish them from painters who portrayed a broader spectrum of life, such as Rembrandt, Cuyp, or Steen.

Landscape Scenes by Specialty

Considered among the Dutch minor masters, Hendrick Avercamp was one of the first artists to specialize in depicting winter landscapes. The gray tonality of A Scene on the Ice subtly conveys a sense of deep space on a cold, wintery day. It’s no surprise that landscape imagery such as this remains in high demand on hand painted Delft tiles.

The Beauty of Everyday Farm Life

Another landscape theme that extends beautifully to hand crafted and hand painted Delft blue tiles is the depiction animals and farm life. One of the most highly regarded Dutch painters of this genre was Paulus Potter, who profoundly influenced the way animals are depicted in European art.

After entering the Delft’s Guild of Saint Luke in 1646, Potter is said to have wandered the Dutch countryside with his sketchbook in hand, taking note of the way farm animals behave at different times of day, under varying degrees of sunlight. Among Potter’s most admired paintings are A Landscape with Cows, Sheep and Horses by a Barn, and Cattle and Sheep in a Stormy Landscape. Landscape tiles and murals evoking the imagery captured by Dutch artists have become a popular way for homeowners and designers to decorate homes with beautiful scenery and style.

Your One-Stop Destination for Hand Painted Delft Blue Landscape Tiles

Delft Tiles offers a showcasing the warmth and charm that only Dutch landscape imagery can provide. Whether you wish to add a touch of beauty to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallways, our friendly and helpful consultants will help you find the perfect fit.

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